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SNAP funded through February, child nutrition through March

Amid the government shutdown, the roughly 730,000 New Jersey residents who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, (SNAP, aka food stamps) will receive their full February benefits early. The benefits are being issued today.


A provision in the budget bill, which expired Dec. 21, allows the federal government to make certain payments up to 30 days after the budget's end. Families will need to budget to ensure the benefits stretch through February.

SNAP Flyer -- English

SNAP Flyer -- Spanish


Pre-K Registration Instructions:


2019-2020 Preschool Registration Appointment Instructions (English)


2019-2020 Preschool_Registration_Appointment_Instructions (Spanish)


Congratulations to the 5th Grade Team for winning the "A Day in the Life of Dwight" story contest!

There were 6,200+ votes!! 

1846 - community members

683 - parents

3645 - students

171 - staff members

Great job by everyone! We would also like to commend our 2nd and 3rd place winners:

2nd - 6th Grade Team

3rd - The Office Team







Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Customers: PLEASE READ!

What's happening

Starting on Monday, January 28, text notifications will be ending for Verizon Wireless customers who use the free Remind service.

If you have Verizon Wireless as your phone carrier: You’ll no longer receive Remind text notifications. To get messages, you’ll need to turn on smartphone or email notifications instead.

Why the Verizon fee affects free text messaging on Remind

To offer our text messaging service free of charge, Remind has always paid for each text that users receive or send. Now, Verizon is charging Remind an additional fee intended for companies that send spam over its network.

Your Remind messages aren’t spam, but that hasn’t helped resolve the issue with Verizon. The fee will increase our cost of supporting text messaging to at least 11 times our current cost—forcing us to end free Remind text messaging for the more than 7 million students, parents, and educators who have Verizon Wireless as their carrier.

What you can do

IMPORTANT: If you have a phone plan with Verizon Wireless, click here first to make sure you can still receive Remind messages on the app or by email after January 28. We need your help to keep Remind text messaging free for educators, students, and parents. Keep reading for how you can contact Verizon and ask them to #ReverseTheFee.


A Day in the Life of Dwight Story contest voting is OPEN until January 16th!

Please click here to vote for the best story. DDE Teachers in grades 4-8, specialists and office staff have participated in creating these great stories. Voting is open to EVERYONE! We encourage parents, relatives, and community members to vote for your favorite.

2018 - 2019 Wellness Policy Assessment


National Hunger Hotline

Find out where the summer sites in your neighborhood are located so you can get healthy, free meals to your children. To find the closet SFSP site near you, call the National Humger Hotline at 1-866-3-HUNGRY or 1-877-8-HAMBRE. 



2018-2109 Assessment Information



2018-2019 School Calendar (Approved May 24, 2018)






Welcome to Berlin Township

Welcome to Berlin Township School District!


The slogan of the Berlin Township School District of “Educating Today for Tomorrow’s Success” is meant to focus the educational community on the broad goal of giving ALL of our children the necessary skills to be successful in all future endeavors. Student achievement is the major priority; the district prides itself on its creative approach to learning and its emphasis upon helping each student to discover his or her potential. Teachers use a variety of teaching methods to reach students with a wide range of abilities. Student engagement as volunteers in the learning process is our primary focus. It is our responsibility to create structures and systems where students are totally engaged in the instruction, which will then lead to deeper learning and understanding.

The Berlin Township School District commits itself to all children by creating a standards-based school district in which all students receive the very best educational opportunities possible. Each and every student will surpass the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. To achieve this, the members of the district will focus on:

Establishing high standards of excellence for both staff and students.

Communicating openly and frequently within the district and with the community to foster a trusting relationship.

Ensuring a safe and orderly environment for staff and students.

Recognizing that a school district serves as a role model and has the responsibility to encourage high quality character behavior.


For our November 2016 Water test results, please click HERE. 


Berlin Township School District is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. This website endeavors to comply with best practices and standards defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act. If you would like additional assistance or have accessibility concerns, please contact at 856-767-9480. We are always striving to improve the accessibility standards of our website.


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