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PEACE Letters

PEACE Thank You Letter


2018-2019 School Calendar (Approved May 24, 2018)




The annual TD Bank Young Heroes Award recognizes young people who have championed liberty through their actions.


The Young Heroes Award recognizes young people who have taken action to make positive social change in their schools and communities. Each year we look for young people who have championed liberty by engaging in civic activities; promoting respectful resolutions to conflict; advocating for diversity and inclusive environments for everyone; and taking leadership roles in their school or community.


All winners receive recognition at an awards ceremony at the Museum. Their stories are featured for one year in a Museum exhibit. They receive a certificate of achievement, medallion, and other gifts. They may also have the opportunity to represent this program at future Museum events. One student is named the President’s Honor Winner, which includes a monetary prize.

National Liberty Museum Young Heroes Awards


Nominations for the 2018 Young Heroes Award are now open. Nominate a deserving young person today!

Learn about the 2017 honorees.



2017-2018 Revised Calendar

All days have been added to the end of the year.

Link to Calendar



Negotiations Update 4/26/2018

As of 4/26/2018, the Berlin Township Education Association and the Berlin Township Board of Education Negotiation Committees have been working on making all agreed upon changes to the contract, extracurricular stipends, and salary guides.  Both parties are now specifically focused on the construction of the salary guides and will hopefully be ready to ratify the entire contract by the May 24, 2018 meeting. 



Negotiations Update 2/16/18

Fact Finder's Report



Click here for the Pearson SuccessNet Security Alert!





Welcome to Berlin Township

Welcome to Berlin Township School District!


The slogan of the Berlin Township School District of “Educating Today for Tomorrow’s Success” is meant to focus the educational community on the broad goal of giving ALL of our children the necessary skills to be successful in all future endeavors. Student achievement is the major priority; the district prides itself on its creative approach to learning and its emphasis upon helping each student to discover his or her potential. Teachers use a variety of teaching methods to reach students with a wide range of abilities. Student engagement as volunteers in the learning process is our primary focus. It is our responsibility to create structures and systems where students are totally engaged in the instruction, which will then lead to deeper learning and understanding.

The Berlin Township School District commits itself to all children by creating a standards-based school district in which all students receive the very best educational opportunities possible. Each and every student will surpass the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. To achieve this, the members of the district will focus on:

Establishing high standards of excellence for both staff and students.

Communicating openly and frequently within the district and with the community to foster a trusting relationship.

Ensuring a safe and orderly environment for staff and students.

Recognizing that a school district serves as a role model and has the responsibility to encourage high quality character behavior.



Student Clever Sign in

This year we are using a website portal called Clever. Clever is a one-stop spot to get all the important links that your students use. Not only does Clever have the most used links, some of the programs that are supported will also auto-log your student in! No remembering a dozen different usernames and passwords!! 


To access Clever, you need to use the Chrome browser and go to:


Then you will "Log in with Google" using your school assigned FULL email address (with the at the end) and password.


Inline image 1


Then you will install the Clever Extension - just follow the link and click install. (If you do not do this step, the links will not auto-log you in!!!)

Clever Extension pic

You should be able to then click on any of the links and will be auto logged into MOST of the programs :)


There are a few that still do not support Clever, so those you will still have to manually log into. Your teacher will make sure you have the correct passwords for those.


There is also a Clever app for the iPad if you use that instead of a computer.

**Clever does NOT work with Android Tablets and cell phones**

Clever works BEST with Chromebooks:

Office 365 (Microsoft Office)

Students and Staff that use the school's email can download a complete version of Office 2016 to their Windows PCs For FREE!

Just enter in your school email address, and the password you use for Google to log into Office 365. From there you can download Office 2016 to your PC.

Free Office




Thank you for your overwhelming support!  All seats for the 2017- 2018 Pre School Program have been filled.  We are currently accepting names for placement on the waiting list.  Those on the wait list are called in the order in which they have been received, as  openings in the Pre School program occur.  



Gracias por su apoyo abrumador! Todos los asientos para el Programa Pre Escolar 2017-2018 han sido cubiertos. Actualmente aceptamos nombres para la colocación en la lista de espera. Los que están en la lista de espera son llamados en el orden en que han sido recibidos, como las aperturas en el programa Pre School ocurren.



Jersey On

JerseyOn is a state-wide nonprofit focused on connecting low-income students and their families at home to high-speed, low-cost Internet. 

JerseyOn works to eliminate the digital, economic, and academic divide by delivering home access to Internet, affordable computers, and digital literacy training for thousands of unconnected households in our state.



For our November 2016 Water test results, please click HERE. 


Berlin Township School District is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. This website endeavors to comply with best practices and standards defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act. If you would like additional assistance or have accessibility concerns, please contact at 856-767-9480. We are always striving to improve the accessibility standards of our website.


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