Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program
Berlin Township School district is home to a Total Communication Program for the Deaf. There are two self- contained classrooms, one for lower elementary and the other for upper elementary and middle school students. Daily lessons use a combination of sign language, voice, fingerspelling, lip-reading, amplification, writing, gestures and  pictures. Support is provided with instructional aides and Certified Educational Interpreters. Preschool students are given the unique opportunity to develop language, social and cognitive skills with age-appropriate peers, as well as older role models.  


The daily routines of the classroom are infused with language promoting activities and interactions.  Instruction is devoted to developing auditory skills, speech, language, literacy and communication. The general education population and staff embrace American Sign Language and are also provided with times to learn the language.


Services provided include: Full-time Teachers of the Deaf certified in both American Sign Language and Oral Aural communication, Certified Educational Interpreters, Inclusion  in the mainstream environment with interpreting servicing, Specials/Lunch/Recess with General education peers with interpreting services, individualized and integrated Speech therapy services, Physical and occupational therapy, if necessary, and monthly consultations with an audiologist.


Educational curriculums include: Fairvew Reading Program for the Deaf, Edmark Reading Program,Teaching Strategies for Preschool students, Wilson’s Fundations, Pearson Envision Math.


Technology in the classrooms include: Frontrow Pro Digital System, personal FM systems, Smart Boards, I-pads and laptops.

For more information, contact the Office of Special Services at 856-767-9480 x1116 or email