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AloiCarrie  -  6th Grade ELA Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Carrie Aloi [Profile] for Carrie Aloi
BissicCarla  -  8th Grade Math Teacher
[Email] for Carla Bissic [Profile] for Carla Bissic
BorgstromRenae  -  DDE Librarian Ext:
[Email] for Renae Borgstrom [Profile] for Renae Borgstrom
BrightMarilyn  -  DDE Principal Ext:
[Email] for Marilyn Bright [Profile] for Marilyn Bright
BrownNancy  -  8th Grade ELA Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Nancy Brown [Profile] for Nancy Brown
BurkeLaura  -  Teacher of Technology (DDE & JFK) Ext:
[Email] for Laura Burke [Profile] for Laura Burke
DasherBonnie  -  5th & 6th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Bonnie Dasher [Profile] for Bonnie Dasher
EpiscopoAshley  -  DDE Guidance Counselor Ext:
[Email] for Ashley Episcopo [Profile] for Ashley Episcopo
EricksonLaurel  -  5th Grade ELA Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Laurel Erickson [Profile] for Laurel Erickson
GadzinskiKimberly  -  Speech Therapist (DDE & JFK) Ext:
[Email] for Kimberly Gadzinski [Profile] for Kimberly Gadzinski
GartonCheri  -  5th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Cheri Garton [Profile] for Cheri Garton
HearnPolly  -  8th Grade Science Teacher
[Email] for Polly Hearn [Profile] for Polly Hearn
HennessyJennifer  -  School Nurse
[Email] for Jennifer Hennessy [Profile] for Jennifer Hennessy
IacovelliDanielle  -  4th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Danielle Iacovelli [Profile] for Danielle Iacovelli
Iannuzzi-GattusoRosemary  -  7th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Rosemary Iannuzzi-Gattuso [Profile] for Rosemary Iannuzzi-Gattuso
JoshiMeenu  -  4th Grade SpEd Math Ext:
[Email] for Meenu Joshi [Profile] for Meenu Joshi
KellyJohn  -  DDE PE Teacher Ext:
[Email] for John Kelly [Profile] for John Kelly
KivlenRachel  -  DDE SpEd Multi Grade Ext:
[Email] for Rachel Kivlen [Profile] for Rachel Kivlen
KlinkeAna  -  Spanish Teacher (DDE & JFK) Ext:
[Email] for Ana Klinke [Profile] for Ana Klinke
KolaskiMary Jo  -  8th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Mary Jo Kolaski [Profile] for Mary Jo Kolaski
KweltyMolly  -  7th Grade Math Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Molly Kwelty [Profile] for Molly Kwelty
LangLois  -  4th Grade SpEd ELA Ext:
[Email] for Lois Lang [Profile] for Lois Lang
LawlorJacklyn  -  Art Teacher (DDE & JFK) Ext:
[Email] for Jacklyn Lawlor [Profile] for Jacklyn Lawlor
LeonardAmanda  -  RTI Ext:
[Email] for Amanda Leonard [Profile] for Amanda Leonard
LindnerEvan  -  Music & Band Teacher (DDE & JFK) Ext:
[Email] for Evan Lindner [Profile] for Evan Lindner
McCoachEric  -  5th Grade Science & SS Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Eric McCoach [Profile] for Eric McCoach
McDevittKassidy  -  7th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Kassidy McDevitt [Profile] for Kassidy McDevitt
OlceseMolly  -  4th Grade ELA Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Molly Olcese [Profile] for Molly Olcese
RainearAnnette  -  ESL Ext:
[Email] for Annette Rainear [Profile] for Annette Rainear
ReynoldsScott  -  6th Grade Science and SS Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Scott Reynolds [Profile] for Scott Reynolds
RidleyJennifer  -  6th Grade Teacher Ext:
[Email] for Jennifer Ridley [Profile] for Jennifer Ridley
SchafferRobin  -  DDE Secretary Ext:
[Email] for Robin Schaffer [Profile] for Robin Schaffer
SilvermanJessica  -  4th Grade Teacher
[Email] for Jessica Silverman [Profile] for Jessica Silverman
UhniatJennifer  -  5th Grade Math Teacher
[Email] for Jennifer Uhniat [Profile] for Jennifer Uhniat
VanCurenTim  -  7th & 8th Grade Soc. Studies
[Email] for Tim VanCuren [Profile] for Tim VanCuren
WilsonRobert  -  6th Grade Math Teacher
[Email] for Robert Wilson [Profile] for Robert Wilson
WrightJessica  -  7th Grade ELA
[Email] for Jessica Wright [Profile] for Jessica Wright
YoderChris  -  8th Grade SpEd ICS
[Email] for Chris Yoder [Profile] for Chris Yoder
ZimmermanSarah  -  6th & 7th Grade SpEd ELA
[Email] for Sarah Zimmerman [Profile] for Sarah Zimmerman