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Chromebook Information

A Guide to Student Chromebook Use in Berlin Township


The Device

BTWP supports the implementation of digital curriculum and systems for learning by ensuring teachers, students, staff and administrators have persistent access to a computing device sufficient to access and leverage these resources. The device for students in grades PreK-8 is a Chromebook. Students in grades PreK-8 can take the device home with them.


General Care

Carefully transport your Chromebook when traveling between classes or between home and school. Avoid placing weight on it, and never throw or slide it. Be careful not to expose it to long-term temperature extremes, which means an automobile is never a good place to store it. You can disinfect it using any household disinfecting type of wipe, just make sure it's not too wet.



Transporting the Chromebook

When not in use, closing the Chromebook lid will save battery life and protect the screen. The Chromebook must be transported with care at all times.

Defacing the Chromebook by writing on it, placing stickers on it, purposefully breaking it and any other destructive behavior will result in disciplinary action.


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