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Technology Advancement Team

Mission Statement for Technology Committee


Berlin Township  School District formed its first official technology committee in December 2015. The goal of this committee is to ensure the technology infrastructure is built, maintained and developed to support the Berlin Township  School District curriculum. Currently the goals of the technology committee include providing leadership for technology planning and continuing to work to shape the vision for an integrated technology curriculum. This committee will also provide another venue for communication about Berlin Township  School District technology for the staff and the community.

The Berlin Township  School District members will be selected yearly and serve for a school calendar year. Membership will include:

Building Principals
Technology Coordinator
Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
Curriculum Supervisor
Board Members (2)
Teachers & Non-Teaching Staff
Community  members (2)


The purpose of the membership is to ensure strong communication links between the various member roles. The committee has recommendation authority only,and should not be viewed as the conduit for specific technology requests from staff or administrators. Requests of that nature should be submitted through the Berlin Township  School District traditional reporting structure.


The mission of the Berlin Township School District’s Technology Committee is to research, recommend, and support the effective integration of both established and emerging technologies into the learning environment. Berlin Township School District  is committed to fostering intellectual exploration, individual growth and social responsibility in our students' lifelong pursuit of excellence and honor. The district’s motto is “Educating Today for Tomorrow’s Success.”  The Berlin Township School District  envisions ALL of  its students as successful global citizens and leaders in the 21st century.  Teachers will use a variety of instructional methods to reach students with a wide range of abilities so that ALL students will receive the very best educational opportunities possible.


Technology is changing the way people across the globe communicate, learn and work. In order to create an engaging learning environment and effectively prepare students for the future, schools must embrace technology and thoughtfully integrate it into the learning process.

The Berlin Township School District Technology Committee seeks to:

Maintain a technology plan that aligns with state recommendations

Assess the technological needs and competencies of faculty, staff, and students (surveys and analyzing those surveys for meaningful data.)

Plan for staff and faculty technology training

Make recommendations concerning acquisition, implementation, maintenance, and upgrading of technologies within a secure and robust infrastructure

Communicate with district personnel

Identify and promote resource procurement to advance technology and its use by students, faculty, and staff

Maintain a website to disseminate technology-related information to the Berlin Township community (Technology Coordinator)



Technology Adv Team Documents